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    Rocky Point, your Beach Vation close to home

    We want to help make your stay in Rocky Point a great experience. On this site you will find several services from our very unique Vation Rentals, Spa Services and things to do in Rocky Point; some adventurous and some very relaxing. We n provide Spa Services directly to your beach house or condo. We n tell you all about: kite-surfing in the beautiful beaches; the estuaries and bays and ultralight aircraft tours and rides. We n also provide you with general tourist information. Come to us for whatever help you need. Let us help make your trip a memorable one!

    Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point is a developing resort town that used to be a very quiet shrimping village. The shrimping season starts in the fall and ends just before the summer. It is still a fairly quiet place. There is one mall with a?cinema. There are many mom & pop shops and restaurants to choose from but only one chain restaurant; so far! ?You n also find a few fine cuisine restaurants in the area mainly loted in Sandy Beach. This is the area area of town with most of the new buildings and Condominiums.

    The Malecon downtown Puerto Penasco is a nice place to stroll around; watch the sunset and see the shrimping boats leave the Old Port. There is fish market and many shops with colorful Mexin crafts. Several of the shops offer unique crafts. The downtown also features a wide selection of restaurants with some of them offering a great Ocean View. On weekend evenings you might find several bands playing and many lol families strolling around this area.?

    We encourage people to visit, enjoy the stay and leave?nothing?behind but tracks in the sand and beautiful memories.

    Our Vation Rentals

    Agaves Sunset
    Agaves del Mar
    Beachside Six
    Beachside Six
    sa Azul
    sa Azul
    sa Leon Front Gate
    sa Leon
    sa Papalote
    sa Papalote
    IKEA House
    IKEA House
    Pinate House
    Surf Shack
    Surf Shack
    Manny's Beach House
    Manny's Beach House 13
    Double-click on the Google
    map to explore
    Puerto Pe?asco and
    our vation rentals.

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